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  • Nov
    A few notes on the Tubeless UTV Tyre
    ​The Tubeless UTV Tyre has an additional rubber sealing layer of about 2-3 mm on the inner wall of the tubeless tire to ensure sealing, which is adhered to by vulcanization. The sealing layer directly below the tread is also attached to a layer of self-adhesive layer, to make several concentric ring groove patterns on the pierced hole by itself, the role of the air pressure in the tire, groove pattern so that the rim tightly sticks to the rim edge, to ensure the airtightness between the tire and the rim. In addition, the valve nozzle is fixed directly on the rim with a rubber gasket, and the rivets that rivet the rim and the spokes are coated with a layer of rubber on the outside and stuffed from the inside. The following precautions must be taken when using Tubeless UTV Tyre
  • Nov
    Introduction to motorcycle tire specification markings
    Introduction to motorcycle tire specification markingsWhen a motorcycle tire reaches a certain mileage, it should be replaced. Usually, the motorcycle tire groove should not be less than 2mm, otherwise, the motorcycle tires will have poor grip and lead to sideslip on curves, and there is also the po
  • Nov
    Basic process and advantages of ATV tires
    ​ATV tires are full-vacuum big flower tires, and very wide, specifications are generally 20090-fz15. ATV tires are tubeless pneumatic tires, also known as "low-pressure tires" "pneumatic tires". ATV tires have high elasticity and wear resistance, and have good adhesion and heat dissipation properties. Especially the all-steel radial vacuum wheel is widely promoted because of its economy and durability
  • Nov
    A few common causes of failure and solutions for vehicles using UTV TYRE
    UTV TYRE is difficult to repair on the way. In addition, the self-adhesive ply can only bring the perforations together on its own when the perforation size is small, but it is difficult to adhere to larger sizes; when the outside temperature is too high, the self-adhesive ply may soften and flow, thus destroying the balance of the tire. The following are some common causes of UTV TYRE failure and solutions
  • Feb
    [Company News] Economy is more affordable
    Have an excellent after-sales service team to ensure that the first time to solve customer after-sales problems.Have an excellent after-sales service team
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