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Introduction to motorcycle tire specification markings

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When a motorcycle tire reaches a certain mileage, it should be replaced. Usually, the motorcycle tire groove should not be less than 2mm, otherwise, the motorcycle tires will have poor grip and lead to sideslip on curves, and there is also the possibility of dangerous accidents such as motorcycle tire blowouts at high speeds. These are related to the safety of the driver's life, so should pay great attention to them.

1. General motorcycle tire size specifications

2. Examples of general motorcycle tire size specifications markings

General motorcycle tire Size Specifications

Motorcycle tires are basically marked with the same attributes as car motorcycle tires, but there are some special marking attributes, so first of all, let's introduce what parts of the motorcycle tires are marked with these numbers.

The basic specification markings are

①The outer diameter of the motorcycle tire

②The total width of the motorcycle tire (including the width of the tread, the widest part of the motorcycle tire)

③motorcycle tire height (the length from the bead to the centre of the motorcycle tire)

④ wheel rim diameter and other four dimensions.

According to these four basic data, the motorcycle tire will appear on the specifications marked as follows: (total width of the motorcycle tire) / (motorcycle tire flat ratio: the ratio between the motorcycle tire height and total width) - rim diameter, these data are not marked to fine 1mm units, only a general indication.

Usually, after determining the use, weight, engine horsepower, speed characteristics, and design of the vehicle, the motorcycle manufacturer will carefully determine the motorcycle tire size for each model. In addition, there may be cases where a motorcycle manufacturer requests a "suitable size motorcycle tire" for a newly developed model. In this case, the motorcycle tire brand will carefully evaluate and select the motorcycle tires that will bring the ultimate performance to the bike.

Example of marking of general motorcycle tire size specifications

This is an example of the marking of general motorcycle tire size specifications. The width of the numbers and the markings are mainly based on the application or the car model, and there are various values, and the marking method is uniform and does not change depending on the manufacturer.

The markings are usually marked on the side of the motorcycle tire with the manufacturer's name and brand name. The part marked in grey is also important information to indicate the characteristics of the motorcycle tire. For motorcycle tires, the total width of the motorcycle tire is usually marked in units of 10mm, while the flat ratio is marked in units of 5%. If the marking attribute is 190/55ZR17, this means that the total width of the motorcycle tire is about 190mm and the flat ratio is 55%, so the height of the motorcycle tire is 190 x 0.55 = 105mm.

Therefore, the outer diameter of the motorcycle tire is the height of the motorcycle tire on both sides: 105mmx2 plus the wheel frame diameter of 17 inches, so a rough calculation of the outer diameter is (105mmx2) + 17 inches x 25.4mm ≒ 642mm, the correct size specifications must also confirm the data provided by the motorcycle tire manufacturer

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