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A few common causes of failure and solutions for vehicles using UTV TYRE

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UTV TYRE is difficult to repair on the way. In addition, the self-adhesive ply can only bring the perforations together on its own when the perforation size is small, but it is difficult to adhere to larger sizes; when the outside temperature is too high, the self-adhesive ply may soften and flow, thus destroying the balance of the tire. The following are some common causes of UTV TYRE failure and solutions

1. The body shakes when driving

2. Body shake at idle speed

The body shakes when driving

If a slight shaking or shifting of the body is noticed during driving, it is usually a fault caused by UTV TYRE. First of all, the UTV TYRE may be poorly balanced, the owner needs to do a four-wheel alignment and dynamic balance as soon as possible if the vehicle does not run out of balance to do a tire dynamic balance can be. 

Another more serious condition may be due to UTV TYRE rim deformation, which requires the owner to go to a professional repair store to check. This condition generally occurs in vehicles with long service life. General car replacement of new UTV TYRE, new steel rims to do a tire balance, otherwise the weight is not even when the steering wheel is prone to shaking phenomenon. Body shake on the driving comfort and handling judgment will have an impact. The third situation is caused by unbalanced driveshaft deformation, which generally occurs in the chassis collision more cars.  

Body shake at idle speed

Idle body shaking is a common condition encountered by many car owners. If the owner starts the vehicle or the vehicle is parked without turning off the engine, if you find that the body shakes significantly, then it may mean that the vehicle has the following three conditions: 1.  

Unstable oil pressure  

If you have cleaned the engine carbon, washed the throttle, changed the oil pad and spark plugs, etc., but still found idle body shaking, it is recommended to go to the 4S store to check the fuel supply pressure and intake pressure sensor is normal, if the fuel pump supply pressure is not normal or intake pressure sensor value error and poor work will cause the body shaking.  

Solution: Check the oil pressure and replace parts if necessary. 

Ageing engine parts  

Car shaking is also related to the ageing of the engine foot. Engine foot is the engine shock absorption system, the engine foot is responsible for absorbing the engine in the operation of the subtle jitter, if the engine foot problems, these vibrations will be transmitted to the steering wheel, cab, resulting in idle shaking.  

Solution: Replace the parts  

Severe engine carbon accumulation  

The most common reason for serious carbon deposits to cause car shaking is a dirty throttle or excessive carbon deposits in the injectors. When the engine internal carbon is too much, cold start injectors sprayed gasoline will be a lot of carbon absorption, resulting in a thin mixture of cold start, making it difficult to start, this condition, only until the carbon absorption of gasoline saturation, it is easy to start, after the car adsorbed in the carbon on the gasoline will be the engine vacuum suction into the cylinder combustion, and make the mixture thick, the combustible mixture of the engine when thin when thick The engine's combustible mixture is sometimes thin and sometimes thick, causing idle shaking after cold start. The lower the temperature, the greater the amount of oil required for a cold start, the more the presence of carbon will affect the smooth cold start or not.

Solution: Clean the oil circuit, check whether the idle motor has carbon should be cleaned.

Ignition system problems  

Check the working condition of the spark plugs, high-voltage wires and ignition coils, the ignition system is not working well, the spark plugs jump fire condition is also bad will lead to this kind of failure phenomenon.

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