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A few notes on the Tubeless UTV Tyre

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The Tubeless UTV Tyrehas an additional rubber sealing layer of about 2-3 mm on the inner wall of the tubeless tire to ensure sealing, which is adhered to by vulcanization. The sealing layer directly below the tread is also attached to a layer of self-adhesive layer, to make several concentric ring groove patterns on the pierced hole by itself, the role of the air pressure in the tire, groove pattern so that the rim tightly sticks to the rim edge, to ensure the airtightness between the tire and the rim. In addition, the valve nozzle is fixed directly on the rim with a rubber gasket, and the rivets that rivet the rim and the spokes are coated with a layer of rubber on the outside and stuffed from the inside. The following precautions must be taken when using Tubeless UTV Tyre

1. The specified air pressure must be maintained

2. Keep the tires clean

3. Not suitable for driving on dirt roads in the countryside

4. Cold patching of Tubeless UTV Tyre

Must maintain the prescribed air pressure

Tubeless UTV Tyre is made of high-quality rubber with good elasticity and flexibility, and it has a wide range of adaptability to air pressure. Unless the tire is punctured, Tubeless UTV Tyre will not deflate by itself, so use the air pressure gauge to check and maintain the required pressure when inflating the tire, and do not decide whether to fill the air by hand like ordinary tires.

Keep your tires clean

Tubeless UTV Tyre should avoid being punctured by hard and sharp objects, avoid contact with acids and alkalis, and be contaminated by oil, which will accelerate the decomposition of the rubber. Tubeless UTV Tyre should be kept clean to prevent the rubber from ageing and to prolong the service life.

Not suitable for driving in the suburban dirt road

Tubeless UTV Tyre has good adaptability to asphalt and cement road surface, even if the road surface has water, it can maintain strong adhesion and has good stability. However, it has low traction and poor stability on dirt roads, especially muddy roads. Motorcycles using Tubeless UTV Tyre are best used in urban areas and should not be driven on dirt roads in the countryside.

Cold patching of Tubeless UTV Tyre

If a Tubeless UTV Tyre is punctured, it can be repaired with a special repair tool.

Remove the wheel and peel off the Tubeless UTV Tyre, preferably by prying up one side of the tyre with a bamboo board and pressing both sides of the tyre as far as possible towards the middle, taking care not to break the two edges of the tyre.

After cleaning the foreign matter at the break, use sandpaper to coat the cold patch glue around the break with sandpaper (can be coated more, but only once) and leave it for 5 minutes - 7 minutes after using a large piece of cold patch film to stick in the tire. If the speed of the car is high, you can cold patch the salty double layer to improve the repair strength and stick two layers of cold patch film of the same size in the symmetrical position inside the tire to keep the wheel balance.

After installing Tubeless UTV Tyre, if it is manually inflated, start to be fierce, and strive to quickly fill up and seal both sides of the tire, then install the valve needle to play to the required air pressure, and then screw the valve needle tight. The last check, such as no air leakage can be installed and used.

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