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Basic process and advantages of ATV tires

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ATV tires are full-vacuum big flower tires, and very wide, specifications are generally 20090-fz15. ATV tires are tubeless pneumatic tires, also known as "low-pressure tires" "pneumatic tires". ATV tires have high elasticity and wear resistance, and have good adhesion and heat dissipation properties. Especially the all-steel radial vacuum wheel is widely promoted because of its economy and durability

1. The basic process of ATV tires

2. Advantages of ATV tires

The basic process of ATV tires

The basic process of ATV tire: Generally, it is a compound product of rubber and nylon material and metal material, and the manufacturing process is a comprehensive process of mechanical processing and chemical reaction. The rubber is mixed with the compound and made into tread by pressing out; the cord fabric is calendered, cut and laminated into cord fabric cylinder or cord fabric roll; the steel wire is formed into a bead by combining strands and covering rubber; then all the semi-finished products are combined into tire billets on the moulding machine and made into finished tires by vulcanizing in the metal mould of the curing machine.

Advantages of ATV tires

All-steel radial vacuum tires have three major advantages over general inner tube-type tires as follows.

One: puncture resistance = safety - the surface of ATV tires is a layer of high-quality rubber, inflated with increased tension on the exterior, forming a certain pressure on the inner surface, improving the self-sealing ability of the breach, once punctured, unlike ordinary car tires like gas in an instant all drainage, will last a certain amount of time, to protect the safety of high-speed driving.

It is second: super wear-resistant = save money - ATV tire rims are larger in diameter than ordinary rims, and will not be affected by the heat of the brake drum while driving. Because there is no inner tube and liner belt, the tire and wheel rim sealed as one, in the vehicle at high speed, the high temperature generated by the tire and road friction, in the internal (hot air) through the steel rim direct heat dissipation quickly reduce tire temperature, thereby extending the service life of the tire.

Third: low fuel consumption = earn money - ATV tires in the metric unit for flat tires, tire crown angle is zero, so the adhesion is strong. It can keep better driving stability and less friction, which is good for shock absorption and speed improvement. The positioning of the belt ply is high, the radial runout of the wheel is small and the resistance is low. Thus, it saves 3% of fuel.

The wear resistance, safety, comfort and stability of using ATV tires are higher than using ordinary tires.

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