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  • Finished product inspection

    1.Quality test: According to the Inflation standard, park for 24 hours After inflation, and check whether the Car is leaking.
    2. After inhalation, check the Appearance for impurities, check Whether the model trademark is Consistent with the order, and check Whether there are cracks at the valve And joints.
    3.Pick out unqualified products and Pack qualified products according to Customer requirements.
  • Finished product inspection

    Appearance test: We visually inspect the tires one by one to ensure that they are complete, free of all the defects as the pics on the right side.
  • Mold inspection

    Before production, we carefully inspect the moulds to avoid any quality problems due to impurities, rust, clogged vents, etc., such as air leaks or the risk of punctures due to delamination.

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