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HX-047 Motorcycle Tube Tyre (3.00-19)

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HX-047 Motorcycle Tube Tyre (3.00-19)


1. Under normal use, the service life of the tire is longer,it can use more than 30000- 35000KMS.

2. The tire heats up slowly and dissipates heat quickly, preventing tire blowout and avoiding casualties.

3. The dynamic balance of the tire is better, preventing the tire from shaking and swinging, and the driving is more stable.

4. Better anti-skid performance stronger grip and more comfortable riding.

5. Better braking performance, shorter braking distances and rider more safer

6. Tires carry more load more 200KGS than standrand weight.

7. Even if the tire is punctured, it can still drive for 50 kilometers.

8. Regularly launch new patterns to help customers develop the market.

HX-047 Motorcycle Tube Tyre (3.00-19)

Tyres Structure

*All raw materials are purchased from listed companies, and each batch has a test certificate. To ensure the stability of the product.

( Stable raw materials make the product pass rate reach 99.8% )

*Inside use double strand 930 D2 Cord fabric. 4*4 steel wires.Tires more safer, load more heavier weight , and more longer using life.

( Increase the load capacity of more than 200 kgs, Increase the use distance of more than 5,000 kilometers )

* The tire innerliner uses halogenated butyl.

( Improve 98% gas retention performance than ordinary rubber. Even if the tire is punctured, it still can ride 50 kilometers)

*The tire uses super wear-resistant N234 Longxing carbon black.

( Improves the wear resistance of the tire by 85% )

HX-047 Motorcycle Tube Tyre (3.00-19) HX-047 Motorcycle Tube Tyre (3.00-19)
HX-047 Motorcycle Tube Tyre (3.00-19)

HX-047 Motorcycle Tube Tyre (3.00-19)
HX-047 Motorcycle Tube Tyre (3.00-19)


Check each batch of tires to test the tyre's safety performance, handling performance, abrasion resistance, heat dissipation performance.

HX-047 Motorcycle Tube Tyre (3.00-19)
HX-047 Motorcycle Tube Tyre (3.00-19)


1. Pre-sale service:

1) To help customers choose products and quality suitable for the local market and provide customers with the most competitive prices.

2) To help the customers to design the packaging. Confrim the order of all products, packaging details,delivery time with the customers.

3) After confirming all the details, the customers make payment to prepare for production.

2. On-sale service:

1) To report the production progress to the customers every three days, take pictures and videos for the customers.

2) If the customers adjusts the order in production, we will do our best to meet the customer's adjustment requirements.

3) Delivery on time and packing according to customer's requirements. When packing, we must take photos and videos to the customers, or directly video with the customers to supervise the packing process.

3. After-sales service:

1) The damaged goods value is in the range of $500-$1000, customers provide pictures and videos, we will pay directly.

2) The damaged goods value is in the range of $2000-$5000. The customers send back the sample. We

will go to the National Quality Inspection Center for inspection and issue an inspection report. If it is

confirmed that it is a quality problem, we will compensate according to the customer's requirements.

3) The damaged goods value is more than $10000, we will arrange the manager and engineer to face-

to-face inspection with the customer. If it is confirmed that it is a quality problem, we will compensate

according to the customer's requirements.

HX-047 Motorcycle Tube Tyre (3.00-19) HX-047 Motorcycle Tube Tyre (3.00-19)


1. What is the guarantee of the product?

Re: Tyre Gurantee 30000-35000 KMS. Inner Tube gurantee 2 years.

2. What is the delivery time?

Re: 10-20 days.

3. What is the minimum orders?

Re: Tyre is 200 pcs/unit size. Tube is 500 pcs/unit size. Total amount less than USD10,000.

4. Sample is free before placing order?

Re:Yes.We can send you free samples to test quality.

5. Can you customize products and services?

Re:Yes, we accept OEM,ODM service.We can produce your own brand and open new mould as your inquiry tyres pattern.


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